We left Gallop this morning around 0930 and we traveled 125 miles to the American RV Park on the west side of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We stopped in a rest area before arrriving at the campground and we arrived here at 1210. We plan to spend two nights here and tomorrow will be spent touring the town and viewing some of the tourist sites.

The weather was chilly this morning when Ross went for his walk but as soon as the sun came up it began to warm up but by the time Ross returned to the motorhomw it was not warm enough for the heat pumps to work so we used the Aqua Hot and the diesel burner for heating. By the time we were ready to eat breakfast the temperature had risen to 41.5 degrees and we were able to turn off the Aqua Hot and use the parks power to run the heat pumps.

The roads in New Mexico are pretty good when compared to California. There a few rough spots but all-in-all much better than California.

As we left the park the sky was clear and the sun was bright for about 30 miles. Then the sky seemed to drop and there was a haze that looked like a light smog but as far I know the area does not get smog because there simply isn't much going on and darn few people or factories. The haze didn't interfer with driving but is did diminish the distance we could see straight aahead to the horizon.

Ross still has not been contacted by Woodalls although they did send me an email that they would call me today or tomorrow. We shall see. As a result whatever the problem we are having with Update Notices being delivered will most likely continue.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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