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Sculpture with the model

May I cut in?

Off to carnival

Bicycle taxi

Smiling down on the square

On the side of the road

Up early and pack. Leave lots of stuff for the host family. Bill for three days (breakfast and dinner each plus drinks, water, and laundry) at 112 CU. Hugs and photos as we pack up the bus. Lovely people – would like to stay there again!

But off to Camaguey – stop in a Rapido in a small town – not the best food. Pizza and orange Fanta.

To Camaguey about 3:00 and bicycle taxi through the town with Abel serving as tour guide – lots of sights to see. One was a statue garden of local people. One was of a man reading a newspaper with the actual model of the status sitting next to the statue reading a paper! Lots of pictures. Several squares visited. Confusing streets but very beautiful. Many folks preparing floats for a carnival.

Visit another artist studio and he was there – his wife does folk art, the man more impressionistic. Maggie buys one piece. Met a beggar at one square. When done Ella gives our bicycle taxi driver two inner tubes as a tip!

Back to the hotel. Group heads off to the carnival but we stay in. Eat at the hotel. One dish we get Ella says “This is amazing!” I try it and it’s horrible!! She laughed and I ate it anyway. To the bar for a drink and then back to the room to sleep. Hear Maggie and others come back late at night. Amazing lightening display in the evening.

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