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The Tryp Panama Centro

The last supper

Down the street

A bit after dark we walked up to Via Argentina and went to The Tripacha Restaurant which serves traditional Panamanian food. Minna had the chicken soup and I had the seafood soup - quite different than the last place we ate with a large shrimp still in the shell as the centerpiece. In any event it was very good.

We ate in front of the restaurant with all the people going by, cars, and lots of people honking their horns. It wasn't too hot so it was quite nice.

We wandered back to the hotel through a different route but no problems. The area just down the street is a famous "red light" district but we never had any issues.

I'm still a little sick but no where near as bad as last night. We're packing up and the alarm is set for 4:30 AM. We'll be met by Alex at 5:30 for our 8:00 AM flight.

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