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Monkey visitor


Alice finds an umbrella

Turtle at the zoo

More zoo creatures

Touring the coffee plantation

Grinding sugar cane

Sugar base

The mixed candy

The tour wagon

Up at 6:00 Am and to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. A troupe of spider monkeys came across the roof and were fed out the window by the staff. Fun. Then we went on a cloud forest tour. Not great. Guides tried to call one of the local birds for 15 minutes but nothing. We saw a panther print – that was made three months ago. Some nice orchids on the back of tree leaves and some interesting plants.

Back to town and visit a “snake zoo” which was pretty small. Lots of turtles and they do some rehabilitation work, but all in all not great. Back at the hotel we watched the clouds roll in and obscure everything – it’s a cloud forest because most of the moisture comes from the clouds rather than from rain. Though you’d never know it while we were there…

Later that afternoon we visited a sugar/coffee plantation and had a nice tour. Of course it started raining minutes after we arrived but they lent us rain ponchos. Interesting to see how they sort and cook the coffee beans. Then the sugar cane – watched them grinding the cane to remove the juice (with oxen), then boil it down to a thick syrup. We then went to a room where they poured out some of the rendered sugar and gave us a choice of several add ins – we picked peanuts. Then we had to stir the nuts into the sugar. Quite difficult but it was fun all the same. We ended up… in a gift shop, but much of the stuff was made by members of the family.

For dinner we took a taxi to the “Tree House Restaurant” – a restaurant in a tree oddly enough. It wasn’t that great. Finally to bed with the sound of rain on the roof.

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