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Paul contemplating life while in a temple.

One of many temples in the old city.

The crumbling city pillar.

It once had a moat and 3 waterfalls.








We didn't arrive to Chiang Mai until 10:30 (2hours late). A van took us to our hotel, Mandala House. Due to time restraints, some of our group members didn't get a chance to shower. Luckily Paul and I didn't plan an activity and so were able to shower and get organized.

We walked around the Old City which is surrounded by a wall and moat. There are so many beautiful temples inside this city. We saw a few. We also came across the City Pillar which is really old and is starting to crumble.

At 4 pm the group met back at the hotel. A bus drove us to the top of a mountain (1000m above sea level ) where Doi Sethup, a temple complex, was built. This complex was chosen for the king by a White Elephant. A cable car carried us to the temple's start. Looking out from the complex you could see Chiang Mai laid out before you. We learned a little more about Buddhism and got to experience the chanting of the Monks. We walked down over 300 steps to get to our van.

We returned to the hotel to freshen up and then we went out for dinner as a group and also saw the Night Market.

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