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Carpe at Lost Dutchman State Park

Superstition Mountain is pretty special

A closeup of Superstition Mountain

Carpe with Superstition Mountain

Desert Cactii at Lost Dutchman SP

Our group campground ramada

We're boondocking with the SKP Boomers

One couple celebrated their anniversary

Evening colors paint Superstition Mtn

Evening Carpe with Superstition Mtn

Moon with Jupiter
Nikon D300 w Nilkkor 70-300mm @ 300mm. 1/15 sec @...

Can you spot the geocache?

How about now?

Sandi locates and extracts our first geocache

Our first geocache

Sandi displays geocache contents

Bob extracts geocache #2 from guardrail

Geocache #2

Geocache #2 contents

Many of the cactii are flowering
This is a "berry"

Cactus "leaves"
These are really spines and they are sharp!

Desert flowers in bloom

Canyon Lake Overlook

We love the rugged desert beauty

We lunched at Tortilla Flats

Remember when these were on all power poles?

Ken and Joan lead our campfire singalong

Campfire "maintenance" by Steve

Campfire singalong featuring Ken

The "Boomers" enjoying a campfire singalong

Campfire singalong

Campfire singalong

"Happy Campers" at Lost Dutchman State Park

The Phoenix Metro

The Phoenix Metro

A clean, neat, and tidy public transit system!

The Old Spaghetti Factory Phoenix

Sun, 17 Mar: Happy St. Patrick Day to all!

Today we "rolled wheels". After sitting still for a bit longer than a week the "hitch itch" got to us so off we went. This vagabond lifestyle is really contagious.

Anyway, Bob took off early in the day for a swap meet in Scottsdale. With he and Carpe Dinkum (our Ford Focus tow car) gone, Sandi got Carpe Diem (motorhome) ready for the road. Without two of us cross checking one another she went through the checklist multiple times. She must have done it right as there were no electric cords, water hoses, etc. trailing behind when she left.

We rendezvoused at the Chandler Costco where we stocked the larder and, of course, dined on Chez Costco's gourmet pizza. We connected Dinkum and drove the remaining thirty miles to our destination: Lost Dutchman State Park east of Phoenix in Apache Junction.

We joined nine other coaches for an impromptu rendezvous put together by some Escapees Boomers. The "Boomers" are a very loosely organized group with no officers, no agenda other than having fun. Despite the name, they even welcome pre-boomers such as Sandi (the elder).

We'll be boondocking with the Boomers group through Friday morning. There are some events planned, such as hikes, geocaching, star gazing, outings to local eateries, happy hours, etc.

In fact, last evening's happy hour featured an anniversary celebration. So, we had dessert before dinner. Nothing wrong with that.

After dark Leland brought out his very large telescope so we could view the craters of the Moon, Jupiter's moons, and some impressive views of Orion's nebulae clusters. We even watched several satellites transit the skies. And Sandi managed to snag some acceptable shots of the Moon and Jupiter (see pix)

Wed, 20 Mar: We've had a busy and very enjoyable couple of days since our last post. As mentioned, this is our first "Boomers" event and we're very much enjoying the experience.

On Monday most of the "gang" went hiking to see some petroglyphs. We opted to sit it out and we're happy that we did. There were some pretty sore and tired folks wandering back to our little encampment. And they're in better condition than we.

We also sat out Monday's baked potato pot luck. We're on a no-carb diet and we knew we'd be highly tempted to scarf one or more of those delicious roots. Instead we dined on our own and stuck to our diet.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a busy day for us. We drove to the town of Tortilla Flats where we enjoyed lunch with the "gang". We rode with Steve and Pam who introduced us to Geocaching. We found two of them (see pix). It is a lot of fun and we'll probably do more of these in the future...

After Happy Hour and dinner we reconvened around the campfire to listen to Ken Tarkin and his guitar. Ken is a good friend and is so down-to-earth that it is easy to forget just how talented a musician he is.

Which brings us to today. Another hike and another bow out by us. Instead we took a very short and easy hike for us to locate our third Geocache. It got us out of the coach and moving our legs.

Thu, 21 Mar: Another busy "Boomers" day at the Lost Dutchman State Park. We've thoroughly enjoyed this impromptu rally. Thanks to Steve & Pam it has been busy but not too busy. The emphasis is on getting to know folks and that we've done.

Yesterday evening, following Happy Hour, we had a "Salad & Dessert Potluck"! What a great idea. Bring a salad, or bring a dessert (some high achievers brought both...) That way you could eat healthy and/or decadent. Your choice. We also took a group pix (see images). Following dinner Steve fired up the campfire for another evening of socializing.

Today we piled in our vehicles around 0930 for the drive to the Metro station in Mesa. We parked and then boarded the Metro for the trip across Phoenix to the Old Spaghetti Factory. The Metro is a very modern and well run light rail system built and supported by the taxpayers across our fair land. We paid $2 each for senior day passes so we say: "Thanks Suckers!"

The Old Spaghetti Factory is as good as ever. Since we're on a low carb diet the pasta was not an option. That said, we thoroughly enjoyed some side dishes that allowed us to sample their red sauce and the Mizithera (sp?) cheese.

Back to the State Park around three and we're "gearing up" for our final Happy Hour. It'll be dinner on our own and then the final campfire. "Smores" are on tonite's agenda so it should be quite the event.

Tomorrow we'll head back to RoVers Roost. Will check in from there anon.

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