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Trendy Temple Car District in Dublin

It's our last night in Ireland and Helen and I are sitting in our hotel room in Dublin at the Clarence Hotel, owned by Bono and The Edge, drinking a glass of Prosecco. mmmm It was Helen's dream to stay here as most of you know she is U2's biggest fan! We finished our walking tour on Monday and walked in total of 90km! We're both so proud of our accomplishment and experienced this country as we never thought possible. The last 2 days we spent in Belfast. That city has really gone through so much more than we could ever comprehend living in Canada. We did a city bus tour yesterday that took us through the "troubled" areas. There is a wall that is 45 feet high and 800 meters long that is called the "Peace Wall" that divides Belfast's Catholic Falls Road and Protestant Shankhill Road. There is an entry way between the 2 areas but to this day they still lock it down at nightfall and it's doesn't open until the morning. The wall is covered in murals and I took as many pictures I could to show you. There are no plans at this time to tear down the wall. It is up to the people when the walls will come down and not to the politicians. There is still some fighting going on between the 2 areas but not anywhere near the amount it used to be. When Helen and I were walking in downtown Belfast yesterday I was surprised by how underdeveloped it is and how run down it is. But we found out that during the riots, the city centre was barricaded from anyone entering it due to bombs being placed there. It wasn't until 5-10 years ago where this has all changed and they are slowly in the process of building it back up again. 10-15 years ago there were only 2 hotels in Belfast City Centre and now there are 70 so you can tell it's on the rise of being reconstructed. Well we're going to get ready to go for dinner at the Octagon Bar in the hotel and have a terrific last night in Ireland. Can't wait to see you all next week. Cheers Sheri

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