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The old church


The ashes of a saint are in this box



Off on the pilgrims' trail

The trail marker

Off in the rural area

Sunflowers ready for harvest

The plowed soil


The path got steep

Jay and Eileen - the honeymoon couple

The group


Anne sketches the church in Monteriggioni

This is her subject

Her sketch

Off to the crystal engraver's studio

He is 80 and still steady

He prepares his work

All by hand

He works so fast and with such precision!


An example of his work

Carmen (one of our group) tries her hand

His tools

Now to the sheep farm

Off to see the sheep

The farmer and cheese maker

His sheep

Talking about cheese making

A round of cheese

The aging


Tasting was the best part of this visit

The various cheeses from new to aged

Anne was in her glory!

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The bells of Monteriggioni at noon

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Luciano sings

September 22 - Tuscany

Today began with a look at a medieval church, and then a walk on an old pilgrimage trail to Monteriggioni - a pretty hefty hike. The town is small and uncrowded, and we had lunch there before driving on to see an 80-year old engraver of crystal who was amazing - steady hands and excellent eyesight still. A further drive took us to the farm of a sheepherder who showed us his cheesemaking process, which was particularly fascinating to Anne who makes cheese back home. Of course, we had a sampling and some his home-produced (delicious) red wine. He also grows olives and presses oil later in the season.

Back at the hotel, finally, we had yet another wonderful dinner.

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