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Pregame warm up pt 1

Pregame warm up pt 2

Pregame warm up pt 3

National anthem

Rockets on attack - Yao Ming centre

Rockets on defense

Rockets free throw shooting

School girl dressed cheerleaders pt 1

School girl dressed cheerleaders pt 2

Final score

Spent the week in Houston, mostly just trying to spend as much time on the bike as possible to keep my fitness levels up for South America.


Most interesting thing I did this week was attend a Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzles NBA game. Although the Rockets got away to a relatively big lead in the 2nd half, the Grizzles came back to ensure a tight finish. The Rockets are now through to the playoffs.

The Rockets moderately successful game plan seemed to revolve around either pass it to Ming Yao, the 7" plus centre who was a head taller than anyone else, or fake to pass to Yao, then pass to Tracey McGrady, another of their stars. Most of the match this worked well, except for a spell where the Grizzles shot a heap of 3 pointers to catch up.

Rockets NBA games are often themed, from Retro night to boys night out etc. Unfortunately the one we went to see was kids night, which was somewhat irritating (althought the cheerleaders were wearing catholic schoolgirls' uniforms - in the style of Britney Spears!). The games they had during the breaks were pretty funny - i.e. a crazy and somewhat harsh game of Simon Sez for 2 groups of kids - moved so fast some didn't know when they had been eliminated from the game! Also amusing was the Mascot 'Clutch' getting kicked in the groin several times by kids during the game...

Apparently, when the Rockets win and score 100 or more points, or keep their opponents to below 80 everyone that attended the game can get a free Big Mac the following day. This is why it was somewhat amusing when with 0.5 seconds remaining, McGrady was deliberately fouled, shooting 2 free throws to the cheers of the crowd! Pretty sad when this is the thing that got the crowd most excited all game...

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