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Gedi ruins. An old arab/african town from the 15th century

Gedi ruins seen from obove

A baobab tree - such an interesting tree (Maciej is next to)

Maciej climbing the baobab tree

The wells are enormous and unprotected - how many tourist are downhere?

Syke monkyes were everywhere

A classic selftimer picture

Ok, we trust you, you don't have to rub it in

Buying fruit

killing fruit

We arrive in Malindi in the afternoon and decide to stroll down the beach and enjoy the sunset.

We meet a man. A skinny, spitting man with worn clothes and a somehow desperate look. We decide simultaniously that this man is trustworthy.

We show up the following day at 11 am as agreed to meet this drugaddict looking creature. He was going to make us a feast with lobster, crab and prawns. His stories of this feast make us long to eat, not having eaten the entire morning.

So we give hime 700 shilling (10 Can or 50Kr)and of course, (but still to our naive surprise), runs off with it.

Now hell is loose. Several people in the neighbourhood sees this happening and decide to teach him a lesson. They want to chase after him and beat the crap out of him, which isn't excately part of our plan for the day, so we recline the great offer. In stead the leader of the area drives us to the police station to give a report. The leader then asks the police NOT to chase after the drugaddict since him and his "buddies" want to find him first. The police agrees, thinking this will make their job much easier. After all the newspaper of the day just arrived and they are eager to read.

Off we go with the knowledge that if they do catch this guy and we have to go and identify him, he will be beaten up in a way so we won't recognize hime anymore....

Now we decide to go to our guesthouse, lock the door (4 locks here) and not leave the room the rest of the day. Ahhhh, Malindi.

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