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Zion Canyon Red Cliff

Red Rock

Red Rock Formations

Red Rock Formations

Red Rock Formations

Ranger Presentation

Gray Rock Cliff

Another Red Rock Formation

Sunrise Over Mountain

Small Falls of 4000 Year Old Water

Rock Formation in East Zion NP

Rock Formation in East Zion NP

Red Rock Formations

Second Tunnel

This Tunnel Allows Two-Way Traffic with Large Units

Light at End of Tunnel

More Rock Formations

Even More Rock Formations

And Yet Another

Checkerboard Mesa on East Side of Zion NP

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends

Best Friends

September 25

We took a two-hour bus ride up Zion Canyon with a ranger who gave us more information about the geology, plants and animals of the canyon.

The Virgin River carved out the canyon as the earth (Colorado Plateau) rose 10,000 feet. This is the same as what happened at the Grand Canyon.

But, the base of the Zion Canyon is the same height as the top of the Grand Canyon so thousands of feet more of rock was eroded away at the Grand Canyon.

After lunch, we headed east on Route 9 and passed through a one-mile-long, small tunnel and a large, short one. On Saturday, we are considering taking our 12’ 8” tall RV through the 13’ 3” high tunnel. The oncoming traffic will be stopped so we can go through, in the center of the arch. : )

"_blank">Link to Route 9 Information Site

After the tunnels, we continued east and then south to Kanab to visit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where unwanted, injured and/or handicapped cats, dogs, horses and others are taken in and cared for. See these sites for more information.

"_blank">Link to Best Friends Information Site

Link to Best Friends Web Site

Tomorrow, early, we are going to rent two sets of neoprene socks and wading shoes and head for The Narrows and hike up the narrow slot canyon with Virgin River at the bottom.

Per the ranger today, the Virgin River flow is 19 cubic feet per second, close to the lowest flow recorded of 12 cfm/s so the time is right. :)

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