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Bisbee from on top of hill

Bisbee Street

Naco Border Crossing


Scary road trip

Looking toward Mexico

Weebles new haircut

Bisbee and Coronado Monument

Saturday we drove down to Bisbee, and drove around the narrow streets taking pictures. It's a darling little town with very narrow streets and quaint little shops. It sits in a little valley, nestled in among oak trees, evergreens and palm trees, all growing in the same area. Neither one of us is into that type of shopping, so we just drove around and took pictures. There was a super huge, deep mining pit where they still do copper mining.

We then drove down to Nacos, which sits on both sides of the Mexican/American border. Took some pictures of the border port, but didn't go into Mexico.

Then on to the Coronado Monument, right along the border west of Nacos. The Spaniard, Coronado, came to this area in the 1500's, searching for the "7 cities of gold". He worked his way as far as Kansas, and died on the way back after falling off his horse. From the Visitor's Center we drove about 6-7 miles, going up a very narrow, twist-back gravel road to the top of the mountain, where you could see a view of the entire valley between the US and Mexico. I cringed all the way up, and hid my head on the way back down... On the way to the park, we saw a couple Border Patrol vehicles pulled over, with officers guarding 5 or 6 Mexicans we assume they caught trying to get into the U.S.

P.S. Weebles looks so handsome with his new haircut...

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