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We are truly in the middle of nowhere but before I tell you about where we are now I will tell you the story of how we got here.

As I've explained before, Trev doesn't like to plan anything. Nothing! So, with this in mind we depart Asheville, headed for Tennessee. I haven't looked at the map so I don't really know exactly where Tennessee is in relation to where we should be going which is towards new England and when Trev asks me if I want to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway I'm all for it. When he tells me later to look for the road that leads west it occurs to me that this doesn't sound quite right. But hey, what do I know. I'm horrible at geography and have complete faith in Trev's navigational expertise. Hmmm

The Blue Ridge Parkway was amazing, beautiful and breathtaking. We have some lovely shots of the kids with the mountains in the background and we had a very nice little hike to a waterfall. The ridge gets 6000 feet high and the view at the top was enough to remind me that I used to write/read poetry.

So we were all, understandably, very relaxed and enjoying the ride. That is everyone except Trev who had managed to get the RV&car up the mountains and now needed to get it down without burning out the brake pads. It was then that I noticed that our fuel gauge was on almost empty. Almost empty, in our house is when the pointer is on the empty mark but the red light hasn't come on yet. At first I was horrified and then I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed hystrically almost all the way down the mountains much to the ammusement of the kids. By some miracle we made it to the gas station and filled up in some place called Waynesville. It was around this time that Trev realised that going to Tennessee was more than a little out of our way and we certainly were not going to make it to Memphis. Disgusted with himself he turned off Paul Simon's song about Graceland that we had been listening to for 3 hours and decided that we would get to Tennessee and then turn back and go towards the Virginias and the east coast.

All right, good plan. We get to see a little of this side of Tennessee and later when we head back south we can see the other end. Only thing is that to pull this plan off we would need to do some serious driving this weekend.

A few hours later we pulled into a gas station. The Tristin and Shan like to get candy at the gas stations and so they jumped out. Trev filled up with gas. Elton played his game boy. Trist and Shan came back, Trist had bought me a chocolate bar, good kid. Trev jumped into the driving seat, I commented on a strange truck we drove out of the gas station. As we were driving out Trev asked the kids a Tennessee trivia question. Not much response - only Shan answered...we are further down the road, we are turning off onto the Interstate. Trev asks trivia question again. Louder this time. Only Shan and Elton respond. "Trist?" Trev calls out. Quiet. "Where's Tristin?" it seems like everybody is asking at the same time. Elton checks the back of the RV where Tristin has been sleeping most of the day because of the allergy medicine to help with his foot that has swollen from the multiple bee stings. Tristin is not on the bed and he's not in the bathroom either. In fact Tristin is not with us at all. Some how we have lost a child. Remember we can't reverse the RV with the car attached. Unhitching the car takes at least 5 minutes and we are puuled over to the side of an interstate with no exit in sight. Trev checks the top of the RV to see if Trist thought it would be fun to drive up there. Could happen, especially with Tristin. By this time Elton is hysterically howling that he can't live without his brother and Shan has her fingers shoved so far into her mouth I'm afraid she might swallow them. Trev has decided to run the 2 miles back to the gas station. Eventually, after what seemed like a very long time, Trev and Tristin came walking back into our view.

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