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Our boat 'Millennium'

Marine Iguana 'they spit salt'




A friendly seal


Masked Booby

Blue Footed Booby

Sea Turtle


Lonesome George (Tortoise)

Marcel with a tortoise...

Pinnacle Rock

Frigate Bird

Fiona with baby turtle

White Tipped Shark


In total we spent 8 days on the Millennium (a twin cat) touring around the Galapagos islands... Attached are just a very small selection of photos, the rest we will inflict on you when we're home.

There is not really much more to say about the Galapagos apart from that we saw lots of wildlife...see photos.

We met a great bunch of people, including people from Passadina, US, Austria, France (hmmm) & Thatcham... YES, can you believe it, there were a couple from if going to the other side of the world is not far enough!!!

Initially seeing seals & iguanas was great...but after the third day, bored!

So by the time we got to the sixth (sick) day, when the guide announced that there are lots of 'lovely seals & iguanas' to be seen, this had the immediate effect of causing Marcel to stay in his cabin & examine the toilet again !!!!

Unfortunately, you guessed it, Marcel was still ill despite numerous antibiotics...

On the eighth day, we returned to Quito & Marcel headed straight for the hospital to a) get himself sorted & b) check that their toilets passed his rigorous inspection.

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