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A real live Police Car in Vegas!! How exciting!

Vegas Baby! The Stardust Hotel at the top of the Strip

Gareth standing next to The Mirage Hotel

A view looking south down Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) from The...

Siegfried and Roy's White tiger at The Mirage. This is the little...


Welcome to Las Vegas!

So today we travelled to Vegas. It was supposed to be a simple quick one hour flight from San Fran to Vegas - but this is the US and nothing is simple here... Everything is big!

We got to the airport 3 hours ahead of boarding! Oh Yes!!! Well and truly early!

Big respect to San Fransisco International Airport! Great sign posting - we had no problem getting the car back and getting to check in! Hertz also have done a sterling job! We felt like VIPs with our Mazda and checking the car back in was really straight forward.

We flew with America West. Big big no no. It was like being in the 70s. The plane was all over the place and the service just wasn't sharp enough. They made Ryanair look very sharp!! ... and we all know how good they are...

The plane flew to the outskirts of Vegas but couldn't land because of the bad weather. So it went round and round in circles above Vegas waiting for the weather to clear. The turbulance was through the roof. After about 20 mins of circling the pilot decides that cos they don't have a full tank of petrol they are going to head for Ontario which is a FULL 300 Miles in the opposite direction... After about 10 minutes of boosting the plane through some terrible storms the pilot then decides he's going to Los Angeles, so off we boost again in another direction. When we got to Los Angeles we had to get off that plane and then on to another. We then arrived in Vegas at 6pm local time.

6 hrs. Not impressed.

Quote from Helen: "It would have been quicker and more fun to drive here". YAY!

Once through baggage we grabbed a taxi. The queue was huge. Been to Vegas? Then you know what I mean. 1000+ people in the queue.

Anyway... We are now in Vegas and about to check out the strip.

Big love to everyone...

Take it easy...

Lots of Love Gareth and Helen x x



Sorry we haven't been around for a while... We've been outta town!

So back to the 9th September.

At 9pm we headed into the Strip using a minibus that the hostel put on everyday for 2 dollars. That's excellant value if you think that a taxi is $20.

We started at a hotel called Circus Circus (At the top of the Strip). The neon lights were just immense. We then headed down, past The Mirage, Wynn (Now the world's larget hotel, not open yet), The Venitian, Treasure Island and we ended up at The Bellagio, where we saw the famous water display (See Oceans Eleven for details!) All of the hotels blew us away. They all had shopping malls, multi-story car parks, displays, themes, restaurants galore. Ohh yeeeah and masses of Gambling going on! It's all a bit much for our Cornish eyes! We tried to take it all in but by the time we got to The Bellagio (3 hours and 2 miles later) we were feeling giddy, tired and drained by all the neon lights and sights. There is still masses that we haven't seen... We haven't seen The Luxor, New York New York, Paris Paris, MGM Grand, Ballys, Excalibur, Mandelay Bay and The Stratosphere!

Because of that we decided that we would have to spend more time in Vegas... YEAH BABY!!

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