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I got up at 7:30 AM to get the coach ready to move so that the street sweeper could clean my side of the street. So, while waiting for his arrival, I lowered the coach off the leveling blocks and got it ready for the drive to Riverside later this morning. There is a whole checklist I go through to make sure everything inside and out is ready. I also went inside Russ & Marcia's home, had a cup of hot tea and visited with everyone.

The street sweeper came about 9 AM. So I got into the coach, fired it up and drove around the block several times. The last turn around, I followed him down the street and parked where I originally was. There were two police vehicles following the sweeper, writing tickets on those vehicles still in the street. This has to be a real money maker for the city.

I said goodbye to all and headed for Riverside, CA about 10 AM. It's only 50 miles, but with local traffic on the freeways, it took me about 1.5 hours to get there.

I spent some time with Dad. I visited with Lois, Keith & Dave until they left for work. Lois fed me dinner and we watched the movie "RV" with Robin Williams. It was a hoot. I cringed when I saw the slow destruction of the movie RV.

The aluminum ramps that I ordered came today and I tried them out shortly thereafter. They replace the steel ramps that came with the trailer. Those were very heavy and were messing with my back when deploying and returning them into the trailer bed. The new ramps weigh 20 # each. I easily lifted them, put them in place and drove the SUV off of the trailer. They worked great.

I also received a notebook computer/camera gear back pack. Now I can carry it all in one carrier.

More tomorrow.

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