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Spam Museum and so much more (By Diane)

First, I want to say we are sorry it has taken so long to post any updates to this website, but we have all been very busy and the most important thing is that we have not had Wi-fi for days and days. So, be patient and we will be updating this website to bring you all up to date with all our doings.

July 8th.

We had a pleasant nights stay in Welcome Minnesota. The flies and mosquito's weren't too bad. We left at our usual time the next morning (8:30). There were three of us that wanted to make a side trip to the Spam Museum. (Stop laughing) The Evans, Fine's and Fontana's decided to see the world famous museum and the Pellegrini's had important business to attend to in Minneapolis and they had to boogie on ahead.

Along the way we saw the Jolly Green Giant. Juliann took some rather unusual pictures of him. Don't know if we can post them or not due to decency laws.

We arrived at the Spam museum around 10 and found a place to park and started our adventure. Now, I am a little biased as I like Spam, but it was a really cute museum and well worth the trip. We saw a movie, learned the history, got some recipes and had some samples. Bonnie had never tasted the stuff and she said she hasn't missed anything. Of course we all went through the requisite gift shop. You would be surprised at all the Spam stuff you can buy. Just in case we have a nuclear war, Tony and Juliann have enough spam on board to keep us all well fed for awhile.

After the museum, we headed north into Minneapolis and the county park we had reserved for three days. Our plans were to see the Mall of America.

We arrived here at about 2:30 and found Dick and Gail already all set up and had made a run to Costco. We all had brats for dinner that night that we had purchased in Welcome, Minnesota. Had a card game at tea time also. Tony and Juliann attended church before dinner.

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