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Steve singing for us this evening...

The Magic Banjo appears to have brought out a young lady!

Now that's quite a group!


The streets are wet tonight...

Can you see the faint double? Came out right after the storm...

Lovely colors....Looks like the pot at the end of the rainbow might...

Dad gum weather! Tonight was to be our first experience with the Magic Banjo portion of the Singing In the Hills program. We arrived to an ominous looking sky but the 'weatherman' was claiming 'no rain expected'. We enjoyed visiting with friends and listening to Steve before taking the evenings 'quiz'. That parts always fun! Van does a great job coming up with interesting music/movie Q & A's. Anyway, not far into the Magic Banjo 'routine' the wind came, big drops came down and people scattered like crazy. It slowed a bit as we headed home, then poured for just a few minutes, then a patch of sunlight came out just long enough for a beautiful rainbow, and then it clouded up again. But I believe the rain is gone for now and it's cooled off nicely. So, I'll share a couple of pics I grabbed quickly this evening & I'll post more on the next Magic Banjo program later in the month. Have a great evening!!

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