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Arriving at Way Park for the pie eating contest...It's packed!

Chocolate cream this year....Yummy! Not on our diet though :(

Oh my!

Men & women too, although the guys seem to be ahead!

I think Larry ought to participate next year, don't you????

There's a storm brewing across the street near the vendors...

Arriving at our friends for the party...

Cool decorations!

Patty, Colleen & Jim...

Front yard & the deck we'll be on later...

The crowd is gathering...

Mark, playing my favorite tune!

And working with Larry...

The band!

Back at the house, up on the deck...Almost time!

And we're off!

Looks like outline of spaceship on left to me...But, I have a...


We had a great day...Hope you did too!


Took these last two shots on July 4th, 2011...Just like them &...

God Bless all firefighters and the USA as well!!!!

We had a terrific Independence Day here in the hills. There were a few scattered showers but for the most part the sun was out and so were the people! We started off our day watching the pie eating contest. Chocolate cream pie for the contestants this year furnished by the Purple Pie Place. I understand it was delicious if not a bit messy!

Our buddies the Ramblin' Rangers were onstage right afterward. As they were singing their last song the skies opened and it poured! Oh no, we sure thought the fireworks would be canceled. But nope, it cleared off within minutes and the sun reappeared for the rest of the day. The 4 of us made a dash for the newly opened Black Hills Burger & Bun for a bite to eat before they had to play music again atop Pageant Hill for the evening. We've eaten there twice now and the food is terrific! If you get to town and want a burger to die for this is your place!

Larry and I made a quick run home to change clothes and to feed and visit Onyx for a bit. We were invited to view the fireworks from our friends Jim & Colleen's deck this evening and I gotta tell you...It provides the best seat in the house. We dropped off our chairs, drinks and the crockpot of taco soup I prepared to add to the snack table later in the evening and then made our way over to Pageant Hill for the music and pics.

While there we were fortunate enough to meet a musician by the name of Mark Baker. He & his wife are traveling in a Casita through several states right now but reside in Arizona. Mark graced me with the Izzy tune of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's A Wonderful World' on his ukele. As you may know, I LOVE that version and he did a great job with it. He picked and sang a bit of John Denver and George Strait as well and he is very good! Mark plays professionally and has even performed with Celine Dion. We plan to catch up with him again on down the road and would love to hear him play in a 'real' venue. He even gave Larry & I each a 'short' lesson. Thanks Mark!! It was a real pleasure meeting you.

After greeting several old friends and taking a few pics we made our way back to the house where we grabbed a few snacks and found our seat up on the deck just in time for the fireworks. Wow, they were great! Pictures don't do them justice for sure...You really had to be there. So, that was our day. Hope you were able to spend time with family and friends and that you too had a wonderful Independence Day!!!

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