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beige covers and new cushions on our couch

Putting trim around the opening with the fridge

Peter on roof cleaning off the leaves, etc.

Viewing the Nanaimo harbour

Watching the seaplanes land and take off

Relaxing at the Nanaimo harbourfront

A bit of a windy day and a few waves

A friend visiting and we walked to the shore to view the...

Peter found himself a good used bike for $40! Not bad!

Dee and Colin with Peter after dinner

Hi Friends,

Yes, I am trying to keep up with the journal. At least I now know why I was having such a tough time. With my thyroid being underactive - my metabolism was going down and I had no energy for anything. Most days went by and I did not even turn on the computer! Yup, that for me is a strange happening!! LOL

So, things are getting a bit better. Yes my thyroid is back to normal according to the last blood work. However, I am still waiting to find out about the rest of my 'problems'.

If interested here is a bit of a recap of my life right now -

I am having a tough time with not knowing if the symptoms I have are related to MS, multiple sclerosis. I just want to know for sure!!! And then deal with it.

The doctor has sent a request to the hospital for me to have an MRI scan to check if this is related to MS or not. I still get my hands and arms going tingly and a bit numb. I notice it more and more after my shower in the morning. Plus, the last few days I noticed what felt like bits of electrical currents going from the ball of my right foot to my toes when I walked. Really strange. My doctor put me on 4000 units of Vitamin D which is supposed to help. The thyroid medication has helped me to get a bit more energy but I am still not back to 'normal' - or as some say I was never normal to begin with! giggle!!

Since at least March I have had problems with my eyes too. The right eye goes fuzzy for about a day or 2 days at the most and then clears right back up again!! This happens about every month or this last time it was after 2 weeks that it happened again. This combined with the tingling in the arms is according to my doctor a possibility that this might be MS. I just want to get the MRI done and then know for sure.

I also have high cholesterol (which could be resulting from all the other stuff happening) and she is not putting me on the medication till we find out what is causing the other symptoms. She said the medication will make the symptoms worse!! So I wait. Meanwhile she said to take apple cider vinegar with lots of water at breakfast (I found a pill because the other stuff takes horrible!). Also I am to take Metamucil one tbsp with lots of water and supper at night. Once again I found a pill since I do not like the taste of Metamucil. The regular stuff is better since it has just the fibre not the extra sugar and flavours. But the pill is easier for me to take.

I found out that taking a tsp a day of Oat Bran (not wheat bran) in my smoothie or on my egg or in my cream of wheat is good to help lower cholesterol. However, I ended up being allergic to it!! I started coughing since I started this. And finding that I cough so hard that my upper arms were sore and I could not breathe! It got so bad and so constant that I left work a few weeks ago at 12 pm. I was in the bathroom avery 30 minutes - coughing and feeling like I couldn't breathe and almost throwing up from coughing! A co-worker asked if I started anything new. I said the Oat Bran and she said it might be an allergy. I am allergic to grasses and weeds and oat bran is almost like a grass.... Anyway I went on line to check the symptoms and it says it can start within minutes and up to 2 days after! Since I stopped taking it these symptoms went away.

It was not a cough like a cold. It felt like a tickle and it would happen if I talked, drank coffee, ate a cookie, or just sat reading emails at work. No reason, just every half hour to about 2 hours I would start violently coughing again after the tickle in my throat. It was very painful.

Also read that the Thyroid could cause an increase in allergic reactions! For about the last 8 - 9 years I have been getting a cough and sore throat in the fall. Went to the doctor a few years ago and yup - it is an allergic reaction. In the spring I get the sinus pain, runny nose, sneezing. In the fall the sore throat and cough. So, the doctor last week told me to take a nasal spray 2x a day and I use a Nedi-Rinse (with a saline solution)!! But, otherwise I have to let it run its course!

Well, that is all that is happening with us. I can tell that I am still not feeling that well. I have hardly had the computer on the last few months! Me who sat at the computer for hours on end!! giggle. I am also still tired some days more that others. Still going to bed early most nights and getting up later than normal for me. But, I am working between 3 - 5 days a week last depeinding on what is happening at work. Finding it not as easy as I used to!

So, if this is not MS - then hopefully they can figure out what else is causing all this. Very frustrating. I just want to know for sure so I can deal with it and go on with my life - normally! Oh well, I guess patience is not a thing I have been know for!

Not sure if I mentioned about my first neurologist appt. Well....the Dr I saw was (to put it nicely) an idiot!! His assistant did some tests on my arms and fingers - sent shock waves through my hands/arms. The end result of these tests show that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists - worse in my left. But it is a mild case. He did not give me any idea of what to do to help fix it - nothing!

Actually when he first came in he mentioned my name, Cornelia. He talked about how unusual the name is and how it sounds like the lady in a novel by some author (I recognized the name but don't remember it now) - her name in the book is Cordelia.

Anyway he spent more time talking about my name than anything else!!! Then he mentioned the carpal tunnel. He asked if I woke up from it - no I don't. He thought that was strange. I then mentioned the other symptoms - such as the eye. I told him my right eye goes fuzzy for about a day every month or so. I said right now it was fine. He then asked me to watch his hand - how many fingers showing, etc. I told him and he said he didn't see anything wrong with my eye - but maybe I should get an eye exam. Of course I could see - I told him it was fine right now!! How ridiculous.

Then I mentioned the headaches, the bumping into things, etc. He just basically asked where my headaches were and I said all over at different times. The other stuff he ignored. I asked why this could be happening and he said he had no idea. Then he tells me that I guess I am just unique!! What the heck does he mean by that!!

He did say that since I was only on the Thyroid meds for about 3 weeks at that time - some of this stuff can go away after the meds take effect. That made sense.......

I asked what I should do - he said that he tells 'people like me' (what does he mean by that??) that I should exercise. Then as he leaves the office (this was only after seeing me for about 5 minutes) that if I think he diagnosed it wrong I should come back and see him in a couple of months!

I talked with my ex-mom-in-law about this and she was shocked that he did not even ask for medical history - nothing! What a waste of time. I had an appt with my family doctor a few weeks later and she was shocked! She then scheduled me with another neurologist - no wonder I got in to see him so quickly! He is a quack!!

Peter had his hours changed as well. Now he works 1-4 or 4-8 and it was supposed to be 4 days a week and right now it is 3 days a week. Which means he loses 3-4 hours a week!

Not fair - but who said life is fair!!

We were in Vancouver over the last weekend and Peter's eye is doing very well. He goes to see the eye dr in Courtenay in two months and then back to Vancouver in 4 months. Dr Holland was very pleased with the progress. So are we.

Adding a few photos of the last while - Peter up on the trailer cleaning off the leaves, etc. Dee and Colin over for a supper. We moved our fridge back to the original fridge place. Had to cut the top of the wall out to make room for this larger fridge. But it is much nicer there. Plus we changed the cushions on the couch from the black to beige. Next we purchased new bright coloured cushions and all looks fresh and new.

Enjoy...and I will write again.

Till later,

Peter & Connie

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