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Day one 4x4ing on Fraser Island

Woo wee!

nothing but sand and sea

happy campers!

The trail to the lake

First stop, Mackenzie Lake (fresh water)

The camping crew

Heading north

The ship wreck along the way

wreck 2

wreck 3

wreck 4

wreck 5

wreck 6

time to set up camp

good morning campers!

daily swatting of marsh flies! (aka Brian's Irish jig)


A few creeks to cross

Day 2 to the beach!

Champagne pools

Champagne pools

Indian Head - the north part of the island

the view to the west

the view to the east

the view on top looking down!

a happy man

and friends

another kind of friend - don't touch!

yet another friend!

and another! Yee look at the size of that thing!

this one you can touch!

The Piles - the drive back home

A quick dip in the creek

Bathing Beauties in Eli Creek

a bit of grub

Day 2 sunset

Red skies at night...

Day 3 sunrise

In the drivers seat...

Everybody push!

a view of Lake Wabby

a walk through the rainforest


our friend in the bushes

the ants go marching 2 by 2...


morning glory

and friends

Pigface - such a pretty flower for such a name!

the crew at the end of our 3 day adventure

heading home

The day after - chillin with the N/Irish guys

YUMM! a pancake breakfast

Happy after a shower!

Grab yourself a cuppa coffee for this one...loads of pictures on our 3-day Fraser Island camping trip...self guided, loads of fun!

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