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Testimony from some island nations at the recent Climate Change conference in Paris brought tears to my eyes. There is no question that rising ocean levels are already causing havoc for some folks who have been living at the water's edge and now are in it. But I must also assert that climate change seems to have made our lives much easier at the beginning of this winter. The mild temperatures make packing the motor home and taking off much more pleasant. After a brief 3" snow, temperatures have been more or less warm and we have been able to do a fair amount of packing in a gradual sort of way. We always wait to fill up the diesel tank late in the fall to have winter weight fuel that will start readily even in cold temperatures. This year summer weight would have been just fine.

The satellite dish always need some attention after a few months away. Normally people are connected to the dish on their homes 24/7 and receive software updates without being aware that this is taking place. Inevitably when we start heading south, Ken struggles getting us back online. This year he sat in relative comfort in our storage lot and got that detail taken care of as well as some minor repairs.

Deciding what to bring on another escape from the winter is routine by now, but because we are traveling internationally while we are away, we have tried to pack the suitcases for this trip and that leaves us wondering once again, what have we forgotten?

Fog and thunderstorms are not normally a part of our winter forecast. We never look forward to this after-the-holidays drive. Even if it's nice here, that may not be the case downstream. Near home many campgrounds are no longer open and the short hours of daylight limit how far south we can get every day. We've been consulting a new app called inRoute that lets you put in your planned route, planned departure time and tells you the forecast along the way. It looks like we will have to wait a day longer than we planned to wait for a huge rain storm bringing colder temperatures to go by.

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