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Jack at LEGO Store selecting his alternate Star Wars kit.

Jack selecting body parts to create 3 small people.

Meeting to discuss Jack's options.

Close consulting concerning the Star Wars kit using a LEGOese language with...

Jack selecting individual LEGO pieces with the advice of the LEGO expert...

Selected model: Star Wars Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle where Anakin can be transformed...


Start of Shuttle assembly in RV.

First sub-assembly of Shuttle.

Break from LEGO assembly with visit to playground.

And, a visit to the stream to walk on the rocks.

Next LEGO assembly completed.

LEGO assembly table.

Evening marshmellow roasting training and practice.

Marshmellow eating practice. : )

Jack's expertly roasted marshmellow.

A very competitively played game of UNO.

Martha waiting for the UNO game to be completed.

Two LEGO assemblies together.

September 4 and 5 – Our Grandson’s Visit and Sleepover

Our 6-year-old grandson Jack, visited us on Saturday after we picked him up in Lancaster and traveled to the LEGO Store in the King of Prussia Mall north of Philadelphia. Jack is an avid LEGO assembler and, within our family, is considered a LEGO Genius. : )

The LEGO Store salesman, Kris, was very helpful and he and Jack spoke LEGOese profusely. Jack had done his research on the Internet and knew what model he wanted and had a backup plan B. Unfortunately, both models were out of stock and after much discussion with Kris, Jack choose a 600-piece, Star Wars Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle where Anakin can be transformed into Darth Vader. : )

We returned to the RV and Jack started the Shuttle assembly. The LEGO assembly manual is very well done with each page showing what pieces and how many of each are required to finish the sub-assemblies shown on each page. Jack is very focused and persistent and moves from page to page with diligence. Jack let me watch and find some of the pieces but he preferred to find the pieces himself.

Jack slept over and by Sunday morning, Jack had completed 1/3 of the assembly. He had it completed by the time we Skyped him and his mother on Wednesday.

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