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Gidget likes her back seat view

Hill Aerospace Museum - need to come back to this one

Vast vistas of snowy mountains

Rugged mountains and green farmland

We are here - along Salt Lake on I-15

Salt Lake along I-15

High mountains surround farmland

Welcome to Idaho

Reminds me of the movie CARS :-)

Crossing the Snake River

The Rupert Idaho Elks Lodge

Our pretty RV space at Rupert Elks

Today we left Salt Lake City to head north towards Cheryl's brother's house in Idaho. After miles and miles of snow topped mountains, we stopped for lunch in a tiny farm community called Snowville on I-84 for lunch. The town was not named for the weather, but after a Mormon prophet. The town's only diner had some colorful characters, regular truckers & locals, a little red-necked and politically opinionated but fun. We enjoyed chatting with these characters - a little bit of Americana.

We decided to stop for the night at the Elks Lodge in Rupert, Idaho, which is a farming community. The Elks lodge is surrounded by a golf course which is on their land. The lodge is large and very active. We have noticed in our travels that the most active, large lodges are the rural ones. They had RV spaces that backed up to the tee off area with tall trees and lots of lovely green space behind us. We went in and enjoyed our evening with the Rupert Elks, wishing we could stay longer.

Everytime I see a green John Deere it makes me smile because I think of them in the Disney movie "CARS". If you haven't seen it, you don't know what your missing - a big laugh!

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