Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog

I didn't sleep well last night; I dreamed I was on a sail boat. It was so windy that our massive motor home was rocking and the slide awnings flapped like sails. We finally pulled in the slide to make the noise stop. Luckily, things calmed down on this mostly driving day. We drove down about 3,000 feet so you would think that it would be warmer, but instead it is unusually cold - 42º - especially ironic since back home they had the hottest September 21 ever at 92º. We had some rain on the drive; we're thankful that is wasn't ten degrees colder. This part of Idaho is as flat as it is at home. Farmers are still irrigating their fields, so the growing season must not be over, no matter how cold it feels.

We are camped at a county fair grounds; $20 for a full array of utilities. It's a city onto itself with myriad buildings labeled for things like photography, rabbits, arts & crafts, and there are massive buildings for large livestock. It would be fun to be here when the fair is underway.

This area calls itself the Magic Valley. We're not sure why, but tomorrow we're going check it out wearing our parkas.

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