Larry & Cheryl's 2009 Travels travel blog

Lava flow over South Central Idaho

Contrasting Balck Lava Fields and Snow Capped Mountains

Highway 75 north towards Hailey

Cute downtown Hailey

View from our campsite

Ketchum snowboard slopes

End of Ski Season Party in streets of Ketchum

Today we traveled our final leg to brother Marc’s house in Hailey, Idaho. All along south central Idaho is a large belt of lava flow and CRATERS OF THE MOON, Idaho's first National Monument. Created 15,000 years ago when molten rock oozed through cracks in the Earth's surface. There are miles of pahoehoe lava, sink holes, lava tubes, cinder & spatter cones and lava bombs. We explored this Monument during our last visit to the area and highly recommend it.

After we arrived in Hailey, which is surrounded by snow capped mountains, we set up and went to dinner with Marc. He did a little driving around town for a quick tour of the Ketchum ski & snow boarding slopes which closed today, Easter, for the season. We passed by a HUGE party that overflowed the ski bar and out into the streets – just a little “End of Ski Season” party.

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