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Camped next to the White Pass tracks & the mountain

White Pass Railroad goes up to Carcross, BC

This creek runs along State Street between homes & the street

You could fish for salmon from your front yard

Beautiful garden at Historic Skagway Inn

Quaint early 20th Century home

Totem Poles all around town

Raven Man on Whale Totem

Beautiful & expensive totems for sale

Tlingit Artwork on bench

Even Totem Poles in Jewelry Shops

Every shop had totems

This is just plain WRONG - Tlingits do NOT dress like this...

This one looks like it has a DOG in the middle

THis one is Tlingit Beaver Totem

The Mascot Saloon

Representatin of saloon at peak of Gold Rush days

Yes, we are STILL looking for him.

Skagway Elks Lodge #431

Elks fully equipped bowling alley

Here is their two lane bowling alley

Here we are back in Skagway exactly two months from our last visit (See 6/14/09). That day was for the beautiful drive down from Whitehorse, B.C. and we weren’t sure we’d get back here on our trip out of Alaska.

The Tlingit word for this area was Skgagwei which means "Roughed up or bunched up water" or "Whitecaps", a place of seasonal hunting and fishing. It was home for several clans.

We had fun taking the Ferry last night and it gave us more shopping and site seeing today. Larry gave up after the first hour of shopping but I was enjoying walking around town seeing all the Tlingit artwork, in and outside of shops. There was one store that had a totem pole outside it’s door next to a wooden Indian with a feathered headdress. That is just plain WRONG – a southern plains Indian, not a Tlingit at all.

We went into the Mascot Saloon which was reconstructed down to the smallest detail from original photos. It was an improvement from the early Skagway bars that started in tents.

Along State Street near the campground, that farther down becomes the shopping district, there is a channel or small creek between the front yards of the homes and the street. In this creek were hundreds of Pink or Chinook Salmon heading upstream. It was amazing to watch as the larger ones were bullying the smaller ones for position as they traveled upstream. One could fish from their front yard!

We stopped for a quick visit to the Skagway Elks Lodge #431 and were give a tour of their facilities. When the cruise ships are not in town and mostly during the winter the lodge is extremely busy in their Bowling Alley. The lodge membership is comprised of more than half the population of the city, and they have leagues playing every night, supplying the equipment. The are very proud of their TWO lane Bowling Alley that keeps the population hopping.

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