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The Riff Raff in the Sirocco Sky Bar

Em strikes a pose! She wasn't even trying aparently!!!

Amazing view from the bar.........which you can't really make out from this...

Better?! Probably not. The camera's not brilliant in the dark. It doesn't...

Even the table was enjoying it.

The restaurant looks out over the bar area, behind the VIP tinted...

Ok look away now if you're under 18 years old!!! A genuine...

A nutty but funny street seller woman.

At one point I thought I was married to her! Luckily wearing...

Em and one of the bar staff from one of the bars....

Em and the girls!

ME and the girls!

We woke up late again today (I think Em didn't actually get up until about 1pm!) and had the usual lunch for breakfast.

We mucked about on the internet for a bit and then phoned Neil in the evening to organise that nights entertainment.

They unfortunately had had a long day at work and aren't as young as they used to be so were feeling slightly rough this evening and so decided to knock it on the head.

Seeing as me and Em had only been up for about 2 hours we were feeling fine and decided to head out regardless!!!

On Neils advice we first of all went to a place called the Sirocco Sky Bar which was on the 64th floor of a very posh hotel. There is a dress code there so it was touch and go whether my walking boots, and very creased jeans and shirt would be ok but luckily we just scraped in (in front of us a much posher man then me and he didn't!!! heh heh heh).

The idea is to go up there, have 1 drink, wow at the view, and then head off to somewhere cheaper. So of course we had 2 drinks up there!!! Come on, they were only GBP 8.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!Doh!!!

We could have stayed there all night as it was THAT nice, but luckily 'we' decided 2 was enough and we headed on over to the area called Patpong where the neon lit the sky and the beer flowed like wine!

Some places turned out to be VERY expensive which we didn't stay in long but other bars we actually quite reasonable.

We had a few beers in a few places but ended up in a very fun go-go bar called the 'Thigh Bar' (when in Bangkok eh!!!).

It was all good clean fun and was actually really cool in there.

The bar staff and dancers were very funny and cheeky and we ended up having a blast with them.

I think we finally got home at about 3am and collapsed into bed at a night well done!!


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