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No we have not fallen off the end of the Earth! Just had a lot happening and today is the first day I have been feeling well enough to get out the computer, download photos and type a note!

First, Peter. We went back to see Dr Holland on May 28 almost a month after the cornea transplant. He was soooo pleased with how well Peter was healing that he decided to take out the stitches that day!!! He generally waits at least two months or longer!!

Good news for us. He keeps saying the follow up is what is so important. Doing what he says is very important. I spoke up and said that the eye healed so well because Peter has a very 'insistent' wife who makes sure he takes the eye drops all the times... which was every 2 hours or the first 3 weeks! Then 4x a day for 2 months and in about a week the drops are down to 3x a day for another 2 months, and so on for about a year!

Yes, Peter & I even put the timer on so it would ring every 2 hours - just to remind him. It worked - the operation went so well and he never had a pain. They prescribed Tylenol 3 and we never filled the prescription. The next month - June he said Peter could go to see the eye Dr in Courtenay instead of heading back to Vancouver! This appt went very well. After checking all the 'stuff' Dr Holland wrote about this eye Dr looked at Peter with a huge grin and said everything was excellent! YEH!!

Now, the next news.....I have been having a problem with many various things. Finally went to the doctor end of May for a check up. After mentioning the numbness and tingling in my arms/hands and the problems with a few other things including tiredness - the doctor sent me for numerous tests.

Found out that my thyroid is way out of balance! I have hypothyroidism - so that explains why I have not even turned on the computer some days! (not at all like me). Plus I have been going back to sleep in the morning and in bed some nights as early as 8 pm! Looking back I think this has been going on for quite some time and getting worse every month.

I kept making excuses for the tireness - but now I know it was due to the thyroid! I have a little pill that should regulate the thyroid and help me get back some of that energy! I am actually up after 10 pm today and I downloaded photos to the computer and decided to write a note on our website! I have not had this much energy for many many months!

I also found out my cholesterol is quite high. So, this means a diet change as well as taking some herbal type pills that the dr suggested. Due to the numbness/tingling she feels the cholesterol pills will aggrevate these sypmptoms so she suggested 'apple cider vinegar' in the morning with lots of water (I found a pill instead of the yucky liquid). Plus I am also supposed to take Metamucil with lots of water in the evening (once again found a Metamucil pill instead of the yucky other stuff!). Between these two pills and the diet change we should get the cholesterol under control.

Now, I am also on 4000 units of Vitamin D as well as B complex vitamins for the nerve stuff happening. I have also had a few other problems that she is concerned about. I have an appt with a neurologist on August 1 and then back to my dr end of August. Hopefully we will find out what is causing the 'other' stuff. She is concerned that it might be MS - but we will know for sure after all the tests.

I am just looking forward to getting back my energy!! It has been pretty bad since about February. I have had to drag myself to do each little task. Not much fun especially when I am the type of person who does ten million things at the same time - and suddenly find myself struggling to do one task at a time!

I decided that I need exercise and I do enjoy bike riding. Found a used bike at a second hand shop for $20.00 - can't beat the price. Peter spent many hours on Saturday oiling the kinked chains, straightening the wheels, oiling the gears, brakes, taking off the bent kickstand (we think someone drove over the bike). Now, after buying fenders and a carrier - I have a pretty nice bike.

Sat and Sun I road for 20 minutes - only 4 km. Tonight for 25 minutes and a bit further. Was pretty tired after only that much exercise - but I figure it is a start and as I get my energy back I will be riding further and further. Now we are looking for another bike for Peter - will keep checking the second hand store.

Actually this store has been on the main road in Campbell River for years and I kept saying I wanted to go in...but never did. Glad I stopped in this last Friday! When Peter came back to see the bike and decide if it was worth buying and fixing - he figured this was a store he wanted to come back and spend lots of time looking through. There were tons of tools, etc in a huge second room! Peter's idea of tool heaven!!

Well, posted two photos of the bike and myself tonight before my ride.

Hope everyone is well and happy and as these pills bring my thyroid under control I should be back to writing more frequently!!

Take care, till later, Peter & Connie

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