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On the way to Roosevelt Lake

View along the way to Roosevelt Lake

Mining operation along the way

More mining operations

View along Rt 60 on way to Roosevelt Lake

Mining operation along Rt 60 on the way to Roosevelt Lake

Very big dump truck inside the bed of a huge dump truck

High winds cause dust storm

Marina on Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake from the car

Roosevelt Lake as viewed from our cabin

Roosevelt Lake

Cooks having a good time in the kitchen

Office, recreation area and restaurant


Outdoor seating for the restaurant

Very nice recreation area

Recreation area

Jerry and Patsy

Everyone except Jerry and Patsy


Roosevelt Lake

Our cabins are in the middle of the picture

Our cabins are in the center of this picture

Apache Trail toward Tortilla Flat and Apache Junction

Roosevelt Lake dam



Interesting sign at cemetery near Windy Hill campground

This guy just can't wait to get in the water. Nice boat!

Windy Hill campground located on Roosevelt Lake

Road to nowhere

Friday afternoon about 2:00pm we left Mesa with Patsy and Jerry heading toward Roosevelt Lake where we would join up with 9 other friends of Nancy's for a weekend of fun and relaxation in two very nice, well appointed cabins right on the water at Roosevelt Lake.

These cabins are owned by SRP which is the local water authority that controls numerous lakes and dams to provide water and power to the Phoenix area. Kenny is an employee of SRP and because of that is allowed to rent these houses. These cabins are very well maintained with three bedrooms, new LCD TV, very nice comfortable furniture, and all of the needed kitchen equipment. In addition to that there is an excellent recreation area where you can play pool, table tennis, or just hang out and watch TV. Also a very nice restaurant and small store.

After breakfast on Saturday morning everyone went different directions and then got back together for dinner and drinks later in the day. Patsy, Jerry, Nancy and I went for a drive to check out the campgrounds for future reference, and found one very nice one called Windy Hill campground. This campground is located right on the lake, but has no hookups. Water and a dump station are available on site. This campground is used mostly by boating people, but might be a nice place to camp at some time down the road. There were other campgrounds, but this was the best of the bunch that we looked at.

After returning from checking out the campgrounds Nancy and I took a very nice hike that will be the subject of another post.

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