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Wood River Trail behind our RV resort

New to us - Magpies - remember Heckel & Jeckel ?

Downtown Ketchum

View from our resort, across the street

Low maintenace horses

Brother Marc's house with Model A covered

Westward view from Marc's house

Three of his 4 dogs - they love attention

Mamma Dog retreats to her chair

Daddy's little boy

Friedman Airport with private jets lined up

We enjoyed taking a walk along the “Trails from Rails” path behind our RV Resort. Wood River Trail is a 22 mile paved trail system between the towns of Ketchum and Bellevue in the Sawtooth Mountains for bicycling, skating, walking, skiing or horseback riding. The Sun Valley trails link to this trail in the town of Ketchum, for another 10 miles. The scenery is awesome as it runs along the Big Wood River, passing through ranch land and across railroad bridges. You also get glimpses of very impressive mansions along the way. We didn’t see any wildlife as we expected, just a few Magpies.

The only wildlife we encountered was Marc’s 4 dogs who greet everyone at the door and make it difficult to enter the house. They are very loveable but don’t realize how big they are. After the excitement dies down, Mamma dog is worn out from the antics of her two boys and retreats to her favorite leather chair for a nap.

Marc’s house is across from the only airport for the valley and he can tell who is in town by the number and size of the private jets that are parked there. Lots of celebrities and CEO’s have homes in Ketchum & Sun Valley.

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