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Highway southbound under low cloud layer

Following along the curving edge of Kluane Lake

A slight delay in traffic where the new Slims River Bridge was...

This is still the Kluane, largest lake in the Yukon Territory

You can see our roller coaster highway for some distance ahead

The mountains are hiding again.

Haines Junction

Haines Junction village center monument

The blossoms are gone from the Fireweed

Dezadeash Lake

There were large stands of very tall Birch along the highway

Coming into tall glacial mountains

The glaciers were just starting to show through the cloud layer

Welcome to British Columbia

Our highway is crossing a wide Alpine Valley

Every now and then some pretty red rock show through the green...

Glacial river in the Alpine Meadow

This was a stretch for my little camera - a pair of...

Interesting glacial sculpting of this Alpine area

So many glaciers . . . .

Another glacier showing through the clouds

This translates to 3,510.5 feet

The summit pass was a beautiful meadow

Gorgeous scenery on the high plains meadow

The highway on the summit plains will drop down and the mountains...

Notice the ICE FIELDS of the Takhinsha Mountains above the highway

Here we go - down onto the fjord.

Glacial Takhinsha Mountains

These mountains have a huge ICE FIELD on top.

The lush green growth is fed by all the water melt &...

U.S. Border Crossing from B.C. into Alaska again

Welcome to the United States

Welcome to Alaska

The Klehini River (glacial melt)

Chilkat River

Scenery carved out by glaciers

Aboriginal Fishing Wheel

Welcome Totems, Haines Alaska

Full hook-ups at the Haines Elks Lodge

Another cloudy day as we traveled along the Kluane (kloo-WA-nee) Lake and southbound on the winding highway. We passed through Haines Junction with its amusing monument in the center of town. Haines Junction was established in 1942 during the construction of the Alaska Highway as barracks for the Corp of Engineers.

We saw several ponds along the way with pairs of Swans. Sorry for the photo quality but they were usually too far a stretch for my camera.

When we reached the Haines Highway Summit we were amazed at the scenery. We were now on a high plains meadow area unlike anything we have seen so far. It was beautiful green with only low growing vegetation because we were above tree line.

The mountains we are seeing to the west are a joint venture as a 'World Heritage Site' of Alaska (Glacier Bay National Park & Wrangell St. Elias National Park) with Canada (Kluane National Park & Tatshenshini-Alsed Wilderness Park). Kluane National Park encompasses extensive ice fields.

The origin of Haines began in 1879 when missionary S. Hall Young and naturalist John Muir came to the aboriginal village of Yandestake and chose a nearby site for their church at Dei-Shu (“end of the trail”) which is now the downtown area of Haines. It is on the narrow portage (fjord/peninsula) between the Chilkat River & the Lynn Canal.

We settled into the Haines Elks Lodge, an easy walking distance to visit the town.

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