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Hi Friends

Hope all the Mom's had a wonderfu Mother's Day today.

Peter is doing much better each and every day. We have been reading about the cornea transplant on the internet - fine time to do this after the operation! LOL. But, sometimes you just don't know what to expect or you wonder how others have felt throughout this same procedure. Just good to hear from others who have been there, done that!

The redness around his eye is going away. We still have to make sure he takes the drops every 2 hours - for a total of 3 weeks...then 4x a day for 2 months, 3x a day for 2 months and 2x a day for 6 months - almost a year of using these drops! This is to help the cornea from rejecting....a concern with any transplant. He is starting to see more each day - not as fuzzy as it was a week ago! The sun still bothers him but the discomfort has lessened. He still has to wear a shield at night to protect his eye - to keep him from rubbing it while asleep. During the day he has his glasses and they protect his eye. At this point there is no change with his prescription. They say it might be as long as 3 months before his eyes will settle down. Even then they eyes might change every few months up to a year!!

He is supposed to take another two weeks off work and is slated to head back to work on the 18th. He is quite happy about that since he is getting quite bored at home! Driving is still not recommended since he cannot see clearly in his right eye....hard to shoulder check if you can't see details!

We have had some wonderful sunny and real warm weather up until yesterday. Yesterday we had rain on and off. Today it has drizzled a bit, the sun has shown it's face a few times and the wind has been quite intense!

Had a visit from some great friends from Victoria and numerous people calling, emailing and texting about Peter's operation. Great to hear from everyone. So far so good - all is well.

Once again, have a great Mom's Day....enjoy.

Peter & Connie

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