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I got up around 7:30 AM and went to the McDonald's across the parking lot for breakfast.

Next stop was for some distilled water for my very low house batteries. I topped them off and am hoping that today's driving will recharge them.

I topped off the fuel tank on the other end of the parking lot and was finally off to NM.

As I left, the wind was blowing from the South, maybe 5-10 mph. As I drove down the highway, they gradually picked up to where a 30 X 50 foot flag was standing straight out. I'm guessing that it must have been blowing 25-35 MPH. It was also overcast for a while then cleared. As I left OK and headed into TX, the wind speed and direction changed, several times - all bad for driving. At one time, a semi passing me caught a wind gust and pushed me onto the shoulder (short changing time!). At other times, a semi coming up on my left (down wind) would push me to the right and then suck me into his vacuum as he passed. Then he would rattle me for a while in his wake turbulence. I was doing 65 MPH, the semis were doing 70+. I figure that I must have been passed by 100 semis today. My shoulders are killing me and I am exhausted.

By the time I arrived at the planned RV Park for the evening, the office was closed. Since I didn't have a reservation, I picked a spot that wasn't reserved and have settled in for the night.

Tomorrow, I plan to drive to Flagstaff and then on to Chandler. I expect to arrive late afternoon. AMEN!

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