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Bridge from Pointe-a-la-Croix, QC to Campbellton, NB

Province #7


The old post office in Bathurst

Again, the closest we got to a moose!

Miramichi River

Bridge to Miramichi

South Cove RV Park, Shediac, NB


A lot of the people here are "seasonal". They live just up...

Our first night's lobster

It was windy. Tried to protect the candles

Pointe du Chene harbour






The largest lobster in the world at the Visitors' Centre

Third night's dinner! We ate inside this time.

The walking/biking path from Shediac to Point du Chene


Thistle with a bumblebee

Pony at the petting park at the Seawind Buffalo Safari

Our covered wagon

The winter feeding area

They wouldn't let us through the gate so we had to go...


These babies were born in May and weighed 30 pounds then.





Note the short tail - he is apparently from Quebec and his...


This is B14 - his dad weighed 3200 pounds!

The Bouctouche Dunes

Shale beach

Sunset in Shediac from our front window


21 pound lobster


As noted on the 9th we headed to Bathurst NB. We drove around town a bit and did some shopping at Wal-Mart since we were parked there over-night anyway. We are now 4 hours difference from home (Atlantic time).

The roads so far in New Brunswick are beautiful. Real exits, divided highways and smooth sailing. A nice change from the rest of the country!

We arrived in Shediac and unhitched the car at the Info Centre and went to look for a campground. We had found one that we thought would be good in the Woodalls book and also on line. But you never know! There were two by the Info Centre that had people packed in like sardines and it was obvious there were no sites available. We went to South Cove RV and Golf. It's great. Gravel sites that are fairly level. No big puddles or soft ground. We picked out a nice pull through and went back and got the coach. Since it was Sunday and this is a seaside town, the main street was very busy. There was also a market going on. We will be here for five nights.

We asked about the golf. It's a very short par 3. Larry asked about a golf cart and the owner said it was broken but he would fix it and let us know. We never did have the time or the weather to do it. We met several people around us who are very nice. A lot of the people here (and in other campgrounds too) live quite close by, some as close as 15 minutes, but who bring their trailers here for the summer. Some have built nice decks. For the first night for dinner we had purchased a can of frozen lobster claws and knuckles. It was ok but it was windy out and it kept blowing out the candles! There was enough left for the next night - Lobster Neptune - stuffed mushroom caps. We had also found some corn from California that was peaches and cream and very sweet.

Monday we drove into Moncton and found some sushi for lunch. It was excellent and not too expensive. We checked out Costco and Sobey's. Maureen discovered an excellent walking/biking path not far from the campground. She will make good use of that. Tuesday we drove around locally. Pointe du Chene is a nearby 150 year old wharf that they are trying to preserve. They charge $2 per vehicle to contribute to the annual repair and maintenance. There is a little lighthouse and some shops. We had a lobster roll and fried clams for lunch. We then went looking for a covered bridge - all we found was a "Pont Barree" (bridge closed) sign and an empty hole. We don't know what happened to it. We continued along the Shediac River Road and eventually ended up in Moncton again. We checked out Home Depot this time. On the way back we stopped and picked up a 2 1/2 pound lobster for dinner. Nothing beats fresh! $8.99 a pound. Larry had enough for a second meal.

On the 13th we lazed around until after lunch and then headed out. Our first stop was Seawind Buffalo Safari. It is a ranch with over 200 head of buffalo. Purebred and raised wild. They have no contact with humans other than in the winter they are provided food and in the summer they are moved from field to field and provided with salt. It was an almost two hour tour. We also bought some buffalo burger for the next night for dinner. We then drove into Bouctouche (about 30 km north of Shediac) and visited the Dunes. It is a nature preserve funded by Irving Oil. We stopped at a roadside market and got new potatoes, baby carrots, beets and strawberries - all local.

On the way back we stopped at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 33. It was kind of sad because we were the only ones in there. Membership is either dying off or finding better things to do. They recently opened a casino nearby and it takes a lot of the business.

On the 14th Larry washed the coach and Maureen cleaned inside. The rain held off but it wasn't very warm. Later in the afternoon we stopped at a different fish market and saw a 90 year old lobster in the sea water tank that weighed 21 pounds. It had been there for about a month and they are going to have it tagged and put back into the ocean and if it is ever caught again they will know to put it back into the ocean. We also bought some cod cakes. We had our buffalo burgers for dinner. They were excellent.

On the 15th we left for Prince Edward Island.

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