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The little diving boat

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Happy sailor

Little mermaid

Some fish

Some coral

A bigger fish

Well this has got to be a highlight. The photos speak for themselves, but it doesn't tell you about Andrea. Most of you know that Andrea doesn't travel that well. Unfortunately she had a bad day that day. She was sick 9 times in total, 6 on the boat on the way out and 3 in the water!! Not a great day.

When we were learning to dive we were told never to take the regulator out of your mouth even if you are sick, don't worry you won't choke it will come out of the regulator. Well folks it works. Yep even under the water and in slow motion I watched Andrea being sick. So we now are looking for a t-shirt saying I've dived and fed the Great Barrier Reef. Funny enough we haven't found one yet. So even though we are inexperienced divers, I have already had to perform a rescue and call the boat over to a distressed diver. What fun.

Good news is she is still with us and giving me a hard time about not listening, guess things never change. She is a brave girl because even after that Andrea went out for the last dive, she went up early because she was tired and just after she did, I saw a

Great White tiped reef shark. I was told to write it this way so people thought I had seen a gt white shark, but no it was a harmless reef shark. What a buzz seeing a shark - loved every minute of it. Diving is great so if you get a chance have a go, it's dead easy and for those in N.I. you can do it in a quarry in Dungannon. Okay it's not the same go on holiday and do it. Cheerio for now.

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