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It's a beautiful drive on I-10 west this morning...

Love all of the various rock formations...

One last shot, isn't the sky a pretty blue!

Like it says,' Welcome To Benson'!

My hubby is thinking 'what are you doing'??? I'm hungry!

Nice mural on 4th street...

Dinner at Beijing Restaurant...Just one of the dishes we ordered, Walnut Shrimp....Yummy!!

Looking for a church to attend on Easter Sunday...

Traveling west on I-10, and then back east, thru this cool tunnel!...

Stopped at the Visitor Center...

And then watched a beautiful sunset!!!

We pulled out of Safford right at 12 noon which was checkout time here at Roper Lake. It was a lovely drive along Hwy 191 until we reached I-10, destination Benson, Az. We've been in this area before so we hadn't planned to stay but one night. But as the day progressed we decided it might be nice to do a bit of exploring before we moved on.

In addition to that, the Passport America park we are at is $8.75 + tax per night for full hookups. Now that's tough to beat. It is quite close to the Interstate and the train tracks as well, but neither bother us much. We love sleeping to the sound of train whistles, well most of the time, and if the TV is on you barely notice the road noise. Besides, we're never home much!

We plan to visit Bisbee and Tombstone tomorrow. And we'll be attending church for Easter service on Sunday while we're here as well. Looking forward to that. Would love to do a Sunrise Service sometime. Really, I would. The old body just doesn't want to co-operate!

In closing, Larry & I wish you all a beautiful Blessed Easter!

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