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The last time we came to West Texas we drove and drove and drove. And at the end of the day we were still in West Texas. When we got to the campground where we expected to pay $15 for the night, they only charged us $10. They said the motels in town were charging $15 and the couldn't justify charging us the same amount. Prices have gone up somewhat, but the moral of the story is still the same. West Texas continues to be a huge boring place that few people want to spend much time in.

It would have been nice to stop half way between Tulsa which we left this morning and Carlsbad Caverns where we hope to be tomorrow. But campgrounds were few and far between in the emptiness of West Texas so we decided to do to the heavy driving today as long as we could be off the road before dark. As usual the highways in Texas were great - smooth, wide and 75mph speed limits. As we drove south piles of snow on the side of the highway got bigger and bigger. As the slightly warmer air hit the snow, it began to get foggy. The road rose to 3,000 feet and we drove into the clouds. We could barely see. When you're trying to make good time, you don't want to be tip toeing through fog.

We got to Lubbock half an hour before sunset. Piles of snow were everywhere. They melted at the edge of the highway and we wondered if the roads had been salted. If not, we were driving on black ice. The campground owners were exhausted from shoving all the snow around to open up sites for people like us. The water is shut off, because it is so cold. On the TV news we heard local businesses lamenting the loss of commerce because of all the snow. Apparently the same storm that dumped all that water that's flooding Missouri parked here and dumped unusual amounts of snow here as well. Area wide 20,00 cattle are believed to be missing, buried under the snow. After three days of driving it's only 5º colder at home.

Thanks El Niño!

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