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Interesting house of barns

Marc & Patt with friend Laura

Big Wood River, runs through the valley

Ernest Hemingway's gravestone

Steve McQueen's Last Chance Ranch

Last Chance Ranch below the snow topped mountains

Cute carved tree stumps

Sun Valley's emblem

Sun Valley Outdoor Pavilion

Many famouse celebraties have skated in Sun Valley over the decades

Sun Valley Ski Map

Protective Pappa Swan

Fancy dinner at "ZOU 75" in Ketchum

Cheryl's huge yummy chocolatini

The owner of ZOU 75 was our server

This roll is called the Caterpillar

Patt, Marc & Laura

Larry's new best friened, Juliet

Cheryl & Patt's friend Linda

My sister-in-law, Patt, also had a surprise visit from two friends, Laura & Linda, so we all were treated to a tour of the Ketchum & Sun Valley area.

My brother is a contractor and has worked on many extreme mansions over the past 15+ years in the valley. He drove by a few and described the houses to us. One impressive “house” looks like a group of several farm buildings, but is all one house, connected. They used old wood and siding form original old buildings to create this weathered look. They utilized a real Silo, several old barns and a real covered bridge in the architecture. The covered bridge even has water flowing below it. You can have just about anything when you have money.

Patt narrated as we drove around and visited Ketchum Cemetery to view Ernest Hemmingway’s grave stone (and several of his family members) and Steve McQueen’s “Last Chance Ranch”.

We visited the Sun Valley Ski Resort with its famous Ice Rink and outdoor pavilion. In front of the resort is a pond that fills with geese and swan in the Spring & Summer. One protective male swan was ruffling his wings up to scare us away from the pond because his mate was sitting on her nest on the other side of the pond. If you got too close to the edge of the pond he tried to nip at your feet.

We all went to dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Ketchum where they know the owner (who was our server, in a private room). Everyone was trying exotic drinks and eating sushi rolls. I sipped on a couple of yummy chocolate martini’s that were HUGE. The delight of evening was when someone ordered “the Caterpillar” which really looked like one. A lot of detail went into his making, it was a shame to eat it.

Then we all had a craving and stopped by Baskin Robbins for a sweet treat and laughed till our stomachs ached (or maybe it was because we were too full). Patt’s local friend, Juliet, was a riot and was a fun addition to our evening (Larry’s new best friend).

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