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So very thai-erd!

Em ready to be fed before bedtime!


That was me just completing Em's Mario before bedtime. Right where's the...

Today we went for a bit of an adventure across into the main shopping distict of Bangkok (dangerous I know!) called Siam.

We got there by Tuk Tuk and then Sky Train (just like the DLR but sounds much better!).

There were a few shopping centres there and they were all ultra modern and completely not what we expected in Bangkok.

We had a wander around there for a few hours but didn't buy anything (thank Christ - most things had an 'ultra modern' price tag on them too!).

They even had a Habitat there, which we wandered around (why I don't know - we're not going back to the flat for another 10 months!) and became instantly home sick when we saw our beautiful kinsized leather bed sitting in there!!! We love that bed man!!!

Anyway after giving up on our plot to hide in there until they locked up to spend the night in 'our' bed we headed on back to the guest house.

We ended up going to the guest house next door for dinner (Shhhhhhh!) where the food was lubbily, and then we crashed out quite early as I still don't think we had properly recovered from the non sleeper bus 2 nights before


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