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Peter post surgery for cornea transplant

Hi Friends!

When we arrived in Vancouver on Monday, we got a call saying they had to push back the surgerys to accommodate some people that did not get their operation the previous week - for some reason..... However, I mentioned that we both took a week off work, and we came from the island to stay for a week.... We asked the nurse if there was any way they could try to fit Peter in! They called back on Tuesday and told us there was a cornea available and all was a go for Wednesday May 1! YEH! Day after surgery and so far so good.

On Wednesday we arrived at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital around 9:15 a.m. Peter went in for the pre-surgery stuff at 10 a.m. yesterday. They said the cornea transplant surgery was going to be around noon. They let me in to see him at 1:10 pm. He had to stay flat on his back and not raise his head for one hour - until 1:50 pm. At that time they slowly raised the bed so he could sit up. Then the dr came and checked everything. All looked good. They took some air out of his eye - they had blown up the eye with air in order to do the operation??? I don't quite understand all of it - but Dr Holland knows what he is doing....

Around 2ish we left and finally Peter was able to have his breakfast! He was hungary. Then at 4 pm we had to go to the drs office for a check up. They took some more air out of the eye and answered any questions we had. He was not going to take out more air if we were going to be staying close by...but we only had the b&b for one night (Tuesday) to be close by and not have to worry about the traffic into Vancouver. Since we were staying in Langley - he opted to take out more air - just to be safe. Then we got to leave for my cousin Heidi's place in Langley. For the first night he had to sleep with his head up - in a semi sitting position. We were also given the drs cell number in case Peter ended up in a lot of pain - we were to call immediately!

As it was, he was fine overnight and so far this morning as well. Today we go back to the drs office for another 4 pm appointment. Peter has a bit of discomfort but no pain. That is a really good thing!! He has to wear the patch over his eye today and most likely will only need the clear shield while sleeping.

All is well and we keep fingers crossed that the rest of the recovery will be just as smooth.

Added a photo of Peter just after surgery when he had to stay flat on his back. He wanted to see how he looked. So I snapped the photo on his phone and showed him.

We will keep you posted on the far so good! Till later, Peter & Connie

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