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Getting ready to head out

Interesting rock formation

Agave plant getting ready to bloom

Lizard along the path

View from the trail

Yucca plant

Nancy checking out the view

Colorful plant in bloom

Apache Trail coming from Tortilla Flat

View from the trail

Desert plants along the trail

Dying century plant in the foreground and the trail heading back in

View from the trail

Agave starting to bloom

Ocotillo plant blooming

Beautiful hawk in flight

Desert environment along the trail

Headwaters of a stream

Desert greenery

Lizard on a very colorful rock formation

More of the trail

Checking out the scenery

The trail taking us further back in

View from the trail

Stream running toward Tortilla Flat

Another lizard

Wilderness campsite

Lots of hawks looking for dinner

Desert environment as viewed from the trail

View from the trail

Small cave in an interesting rock formation

Healthy ocotillo plant along the trail

Prickly pear cactus growing along the ground

Prickly pear cactus about to bloom

Fountain at Fountain Hills in the distance

Four wheelers returning to the trailhead

Jeep doing what Jeeps do best

The Tortilla Trailhead allows access to a very nice multi-use trail. It's a great hiking trail, horseback riding trail, and off road 4 X 4 trail that goes way back into the wilderness area of Tonto National Forest. Nancy and I walked somewhere around 4 miles back in which made for about a 7 or 8 mile round trip walk thru some very beautiful, desolate country. Often the only sound would be the sound of the bees doing their job pollenating all of the blooming desert plants. Very special desert environment!! The weather was nearly perfect with temperatures in the upper 70's with a very nice breeze.

I plan to take the Ranger back in there some time soon to allow further exploration of this really great trail.

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