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Temperatures in the high 80's, low 90's

Water from the air conditioner is pouring down the sides.

Keeping the heat out of kitchen vent and shower skylight.

Blowing out rising hot air with vent fans.

High Humidity is making hard work for the air conditioner.

Some of my friends with RV's don't own a thermometer.

The refrigerator / freezer is having trouble keeping up (too much food!)

If one weather radio is good, two is even better!

When a storm is coming, this radio beeps and tells you to...

For the past few days, the Minneapolis television stations have been alerting the public about a "Heat Advisory" for Monday July 21st, with a heat index of 100 to 110 degrees. It is amazing how accurate weather forecasting has become.

Hazel and I are down in North Oaks, Minnesota with the motorhome, parked in my daughter's driveway up on the hill. We came down on Sunday afternoon to babysit the grandkids for the week. The plan is simple, we stay in the motorhome, in the morning Hazel goes in to take care of the kids, leaving me to fiddle on the computer, plan the lunch and dinner menu, watch television, and take my senior nap. Because we tow our Chevy Tracker, I eventually get out of pajamas and head over to the nearby Walmart, or the grocery store, and there are even a couple of liquor stores within a mile. Retirement is great.

On Monday morning, things started to warm-up around here, early fog, rising temperatures, and humidity like a wet blanket. By golly, those television meteorologists know their stuff. I started to hunker-down, putting my aluminum sun screen inside the windshield, closing all the venetian blinds, blocked-off the skylight in the shower, and put the air conditioner in the attack mode.

By mid-afternoon, you could really feel it. Inside, it was comfortable, but when I went out the door, the humidity was all over you. On television, they kept referring to a "heat index", and cautioned senior citizens to stay indoors in air conditioning and not do anything to exert themselves. I'll be 71 this year, I figure "senior citizens" are people at least 10 years older than I am, but I decided to take the advice anyway.

As for that "heat index", this is Minnesota, so I like to refer to it as "a wind-chill of 105 degrees".

It is after midnight as I write this, still hot and muggy, and the weather lady on Channel 11 says severe thunderstorms are heading our way from Fargo. My weather radio is blinking, and telling me there is a possibility that my "duck and cover training" from grade school, where getting under my desk would save me from a Russian ICBM, might come in handy tonight.

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