This morning we drove to Anacortes, WA and caught the ferry to the San Juan Islands. We disembarked at a small village called Friday Harbor. The mountains were very clear on the trip over and back making for some good photos. We had fish and chips for lunch sitting outside under an umbrella overlooking the harbor. We walked all over the town. It is a pleasant place but not nearly as nice or picturesque as Coupeville or Port Townsend. When we arrived back at Anacortes, we stopped so I could do 4 loads of laundry and then ate at the Pizza Factory for dinner. Everything is a lot more expensive up here in the tourist/island areas. Lunch was $27 and change and they had the gall to have printed on the receipt "Base your tip on $30.00. I always thought tips were supposed to be based on the service you receive, but evidently not here. The ferry ride was an hour long each way and very pleasant as you see land and boats most of the way.

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