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Hi Again,

Happy Earth Day to everyone!!

Peter is working today and I am goofing off today! Should be working on our income tax..but I decided to catch up on our web journal instead!! Added a few more photos from Ontario and home including the latest renos in our trailer.

We spent a nice day in Nanaimo a few weeks ago. Drove the two hours down there to see the RV show. There were a lot of trailers but not many motorhomes. But, it was a nice trip down there anyway. Enjoyed the day away.

We are getting ready to head to Vancouver next Monday April 29th. Going to be there for a week. Peter is getting his cornea transplant on Wed May 1 at 10 a.m. They have the hospital room and doctor available and now we hope the cornea will also be available. They will know for sure by noon the day before...Tuesday April 30! As long as all the tests show that the cornea they have will be a match for Peter then all will be a go. Finally after waiting over a year!!

Peter is quite excited and anxious to get this done. He is really looking forward to being able to see much better! Once this is done, we then wait to see when the left eye gets done. The right eye is to be done first since it is the worst. Will keep you posted once we get to Vancouver and get all this 'stuff' done!

Take care and hope everyone is well. Peter & Connie

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