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Grand Central Station

UN Security Council

Subway station and Empire State Building

Gridiron Building

City Hall Park

Yellow cabs

The Stock Exchange

Security was tight on Wall Street

Wall Street

Our flight here was not only awful (don't fly American Airlines, you don't get fed!) but also delayed by over two hours. This meant we arrived about 10pm so by the time we had taken the subway to our hostel it was about midnight. We thought we'd found a decent place when we saw it on the internet but it turned out to be a prison complex! It was an old warehouse which had been cleared out so that 6 foot by 6 foot wooden cells could be built in it. They had thin wooden walls and trellis for ceilings (so that everyone got the air conditioning), but this meant we could hear every breath taken in the surrounding cells! The gaps also let light in so it was pretty difficult to sleep on the 2 ft bed. It was horrendous, and still about 40 pounds a night!

Needless to say we checked out the next morning and Doug managed to find us a real hotel in Midtown so we went straight there, it had real walls and everything!!

Since then things have picked up; we've been to the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Broadway and seen the Empire State Building although the weather hasn't been great so we haven't been up it yet. We've also done the UN Headquarters Tour which was fascinating, we saw the room where the Security Council meets. It was amazing to be in the room where so much history has been made.

We've had a bit of a slow start and still have lots to see. We wandered around Greenwich Village and Soho today which were lovely areas, very gentrified. It's a bit too hot for a lot of walking about though, it's been really muggy and we've had a few thunderstorms.

Helen is getting very excited about her birthday and the 4th, when the plan is to go and see a Broadway show.

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