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Hikers at the starting point of the Inca Trail

Views along the trail

Our first Inca ruin - Llactapata

Roughing it on the trail ... the dinner tent!

Views along the trail #2

Inca Trail porter

Another porter

What, a shopping centre? They accept credit cards? Doesn't look like it...

One of the trail campsights

Nothing like a friendly game of soccer at high altitude after a...

Views along the trail #3

Views along the trail #4

Views along the trail #5 - upward we go

Views along the trail #6

Connie survives the tough climb to Dead Woman's Pass

Hikers at Dead Woman's Pass

View from my tent at day 2 campsite

Official flower of Peru ... whose name I can't remember!

Another Inca ruin

Getting a tutorial on one of the ruins from our guide Isaac

Views along the trail #7

Views along the trail #8 - lush rainforest

Inca tunnel

Views along the trail #9

Inca terraces

Connie on the trail

Inti Pati Ruin

View from inside window at Inti Pata

Sunrise over Machu Picchu ... my first glimpse

Connie at the Sun Gate, MP in background

Hikers at Machu Picchu ... we made it!!

Machu Picchu (Huayna Picchu is tall mountain on right)

Example of Inca stone carving

View from inside window at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu terracing

Machu Picchu, as seen from Huayna Picchu

Connie on top of Huayna Picchu (Machu Picchu in background)

Llamas grazing on the terraces at Machu Picchu

Photos only ... see "The Many Faces of Peru" (story #71)

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