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Beautiful backyard....

Isn't this a cool 'heat unit' ???

Fun times!

Good food too!

See what I mean??? LOL

I'm here too!

So are Kelly & Abbey....

And Onyx Too!

It's been a hectic but great couple of days. We've had good news & bad news on our truck & RV maintenance issues. The truck needs a new turbo. Not great news. We'd hoped to clean & 'fix it' but it's too far gone. Se we're having a new one installed next Monday or Tuesday. We'll be camped at Dead Horse while they are doing the work and our friends John & Joyce will be right down the road so we'll be spending time with them. We're pretty excited to act as tour guides in Sedona for them. We've been there many times & love it. As a matter of fact Larry & I honeymooned at a bed & breakfast there in 1985. We only had three days off work at the time & it was a terrific 'close' destination. It's just as beautiful now as it was then! John & Joyce are currently camped in Casa Grande & agreed to meet us halfway to Phoenix today, in Mesa, for a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was great seeing them again! We've got a lot of catching up to do.

Now, back to the 5'er. The news on the generator was good. It was a faulty regulator and an easy fix. Isn't it amazing that a Cummins/Onan dealer in Wyoming wanted $685 for parts that weren't required or needed? Thankfully we called Jeff for his opinion on their 'diagnosis' and he nixed it! We waited 4 months just to get it back to Arizona where we knew we could get an honest assessment and price. They also repaired our electrical hoses and a broken patio light. As well as new padding on our folding door handle. And they installed the new parts for our kitchen faucet and it's now good as new! Larry is ecstatic! Mostly because he didn't have to do it. It actually worked well because we have been very busy since we arrived in town.

Our extended family invited us for a steak dinner last night. They have a lovely home with the most amazing backyard & ramada that you've ever seen. It's like being in paradise, we LOVE going there. The meal was delicious as usual as Stan is a master 'griller'. I wish I could share the entire interior of their home. Phyllis should definitely be an interior decorator. She's amazing! They have two of the sweetest doggies, both Schnauzer's. So cute....They are going to take care of Onyx tomorrow while we attend a full day at the Grand University Arena. I think I mentioned we are attending 4 total sessions over three days of the Southwestern Gospel Festival. Our first session was this evening and it was terrific! Wow, some powerful testimonials and some great music. Wish you could be there too!

Well, our day starts very early tomorrow so guess I better hit the sack. Thanks for stopping by...

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