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Bottom of a green glass float

Covered with Pelagic Goose-necked Barnacles

Copied image of Pelagic Goose-necked Barnacles open and feeding

Date: May 27, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Weather: cloudy

Temperature: start 52º

High 54º

Wildlife count:

Birds: California Quail, Western Gulls, White-crowned Sparrows,

Worshiped this morning – it was Pentecost Sunday – lunch at Sizzler’s and then with a quick clothes change, we were at China Creek before 2 pm. Visited with several families – a nice afternoon, but quite cool with a stiff SW breeze.

One young couple went for a long walk on the beach, and when they returned, they had found a plastic float, a yellow/orange Japanese plastic gas can, and a green glass float. It was SO neat for them to have found it, as the girl’s family lives here in Bandon, and both her mother and grandmother have their own green glass float. She said she remembers being told as a child to not play with nor break the family’s float. Now she has one of her own.

The other neat thing about it was that the bottom was covered with Pelagic Goose-necked Barnacles. They are a little like the Goose-necked Barnacles we find in the tide-pools near the shore, but these grow and live on things that float in the ocean, like trash, rope, floats, etc. Much of the flotsam that spends any time in the ocean may have these barnacles living on it.

Barnacles are related to grasshoppers – amazing? Why? Like grasshoppers, which are arthropods, they have exoskeletons (skeletons on the outside), and when the barnacles feed, the exoskeleton opens to reveal jointed small feathery leg-like appendages that filter the water for food.

Since it was so cold on the beach, we had our picnic lunch in the car, and are hoping that tomorrow will be much warmer. It was good to get home to our cozy, warm RV.

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