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Adding Rhode Island to 'Camped In' map.

Rhode Island

Our up-to-date 'Camped In' map.

Entrance to The Breakers mansion in Newport, RI

Front of The Breakers. Built in 1885 before 16th Amendment to the...

The Breakers flower garden.

Vanderbilt family money came from the railroad business.

Rear of The Breakers.

Another view of the gardens.

Mosaic tile ceiling of the rear veranda.

View from the veranda.

Another garden view.

Another view of front of The Breakers

View from upper 'porch' of The Breakers.

Front of the Marble House. All of interior walls were made of...

Marble House flowers.

Close-up of flower.

View at rear of the Marble House.

Other mansions along coastline.

Marble House flowers.

Bee in flower.



My favorite mansion visitor with Hydrangeas.



Great little restaurant in downtown Newport. Streets were very narrow in the...

The best clam chowder of this trip. Two of the ingredients were...

August 27 – Visit to Newport, RI and the Mansions

This morning, we drove east over the bridge to Newport where the streets are very narrow and some are brick. The weather was perfect for mansion visiting.

We were the first to visit The Breakers, the Vanderbilt mansion, to the east of downtown Newport. The Breakers is one of 10 properties that can toured, 9 of which were the over-the-top, opulent mansions that the rich attempted to outdo each other in the 1800’s. We also toured another mansion owned by one of the Vanderbilt’s, Marble House.

Both mansions consisted of dozens of very dark rooms with gold leaf covering many surfaces and marble everywhere. We both thought how glad we live in a bright, sunny home in Florida.

The Breakers Info website

Marble House Info Website

After our tours, we drove to downtown Newport which is very quaint and designed for carriages and not pickup trucks. We chose to dine at the Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant on Main Street. The place was busy and the food was great. My clam chowder was as good as Cappy’s in Camden, Maine. Two of its ingredients were parsley and bacon. It was great. Great also was Kathleen’s lobster bisque.

We then walked down the street to the largest Life Is Good store in the US to purchase some choice items for our wardrobes.

After filling our diesel tank, we returned to our campsite to cut fabric and edit our Journal.

Tomorrow, we head west to Hyde Park, NY for a four-hour drive across Connecticut to the Hudson River Valley.

Have a great weekend.

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