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The church, covered in scaffolding!

Eric the Red; discovered Iceland

Viking Ship Sculpture at harbour

Street with corrugated iron houses


Willy with his catch

Willy between 2 continents

the crack between the plates


Us at Gullfoss



Geysir 1








We arrived into the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik at 2.00 in the morning. We had been slightly more organised than usual and had booked a room for the night, got directions from the bus station and thought we were set….. one thing I forgot though was to get the address for the guesthouse thinking the directions were straight forward. So here we were wondering around the middle of Reykjavik at 2.00am loaded up with our backpacks looking for our guesthouse…. Lucky thanks to 24 hour daylight it was quite light and safe! Finally out of luck we stumbled upon it!

Our first morning in Reykjavik we just spend wondering around, checking out the quaint town. It is very nice here and very relaxed. Most of the houses are built from corrugated iron which looks quite cool (bricks are banned due to the frequent earthquakes) and the shops are filled with woollen jumpers and puffin souvenirs. There is really only one thing to see in Reykjavik and it’s a church that’s a really strange shape and of course it was covered in scaffolding! It seems everywhere we go the main site in covered in scaffolding! In the afternoon we went out on a puffin & whale watching tour/fishing trip. We saw heaps of puffins! Much better than our last puffin experience! And 3 Minki Whales which was really cool. Willy had a go at the fishing and caught 6 fish. It was quite rough though and nearly everyone got seasick which wasn’t fun.

The next morning we had to get organised for our trip to the biggest national park in Europe, Skaftafell. Being high season I rang all the accommodation places but they were all full so our only option if we wanted to go was to camp and we didn’t have any camping gear at all! So we went off on a mission to find a cheap tent and found a great tent at the supermarket for 20 pound, got a couple of cans of baked beans (as we had no cooking facilities) and we were sorted!

In the afternoon we took a trip to the 2 biggest sightseeing attractions in Iceland, Gulfoss (a big waterfall) and Geysir (where geysers, were named from) and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The scenery here is crazy, one minute its lunar moonscape the next it’s green and then snow covered peaks, so there is heaps to look at. On the way we stopped off at a site where you can see a big crack in the ground which is the division between the Eurasian plate and the North American plate, so Iceland is basically in 2 continents. So that was cool to see. The waterfall was nice, the water was thundering down it and it was really green around it, a contrast to the rest of the landscape. As I said above though Geysir was one of the best things we’ve ever seen, it was amazing! There are 2 Geysers there, one which used to shoot 80m in the air but for some reason it just stopped but the other one still goes off every 2-6 minutes and shoots up to 30m in the air. We got some really good photos of it, while we were there it was going off at least every 2 minutes.

The next day early we headed off to the national park.

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