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Mom & son Larry...They both look happy, don't you think?

Levi playing with his trucks with Great Grandma....

The 'girls'....

Sure do love this one!

Oh my, what big eyes you've got! So cute...

Love this pic!

Watchin' a little tv with Uncle Larry...

Bonnie, Mom & I visiting after lunch....

See you on down the road in Sedona soon!

We had a really nice visit with Mom & Joyce yesterday. They arrived in time for lunch and shortly thereafter Larry, Tawnia, Jasmine & Levi arrived. It seems really strange to see Mom without her glasses. I think I mentioned she had both eyes done and is now able to use store bought readers. Wow, she's worn those 'coke bottles' for 70+ years. It has to be wonderful for her. Anyway, she's doing very well and her health in general seems to be holding. And that is very good news! Her 'mini' heart attacks have totally subsided for the time being and she's much steadier on her feet. Her oxygen use is way down too. She's still in Mesquite with Joyce as the very cold winter weather continues in Ely. Thank goodness Lori is there to hold down the fort.

Larry & I will be heading out Tuesday morning. First stop, Phoenix to attend the Southwestern Gospel Festival for three days. We're really looking forward to that. Then we'll move to Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. Just 20 miles outside of Sedona, it's one of our favorite winter destinations. We'll be moving around the state for most of March and part of April. Benson, Tombstone, Casa Grande, Yuma etc. Love that whole area. And several of our friends are there now so we plan to visit them as well. It's always hard to leave our Vegas family, especially the grandkids and we didn't even see them all while we were here. Perhaps on our way back through in a couple of months. We also missed getting together with a few of our friends while here, scheduling conflicts. So we'll work on that too.

In the meantime, we do have a small case of 'hitch itch' so I guess it's time. Lot's of last minute things to do tomorrow so guess I better hit the sack so I can get an early start. And if you know me at all you know 'I don't do mornings' very well :) Night!

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